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Five Reasons First-Time Entrepreneurs Should Work with a Coach

Entrepreneurial coach helping young woman

Starting a new business, any type of business, is a risk. You’re going to be investing time, money and emotional energy as well as putting your reputation and financial security on the line. Unless you’re a highly experienced entrepreneur with a strong track record of success, one of the best things you can do for yourself is work with a business coach.

4 Resources for Budding Entrepreneurs in Oklahoma

Life Preserver

Nobody ever said that starting up a new business – or keeping an existing enterprise in good financial shape – is easy, especially in the current economy. You have equipment and supplies to purchase, salaries to pay, along with office expenses, technical costs, marketing and other outlays. That’s why entrepreneurs have to be extra smart with their time and money.

Should You Apply to One of Oklahoma’s Small Business Incubators?

Chick hatching from egg

Incubators. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, or if you’re in the early stages after having just launched, no doubt you’ve heard about them. Oklahoma is home to more than 40 certified incubators across the state that provide resources and training services to accepted startups. Unlike Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) who are obligated to provide support to anyone who asks, incubators are selective, and you must apply to gain access to resources.

Looking for a Career Where You Can Grow? Try an Admin Position


Everyone has to start somewhere. In the business world, the starting point for a career in administration is often a support role, those valuable people within an organization who make it run smoothly and without whom everyone else’s job would be much, much harder.

So You Think You Want to Be an Administrative Assistant

admin assistant

Administrative assistants are the lifeblood of their offices. Many businesses and organizations simply could not function without their administrative assistants. Think about it; almost every person and every department within an organization interacts with an administrative assistant on a regular basis.

Customer Service Rep: Your "In" to a Career in Management

customer service rep

Becoming a customer service representative doesn’t mean you’ll be locking yourself into an entire career spent on the phone. In fact, it’s the opposite. Browse through the roster of managers, sales reps, marketers, and other important people within an organization and it’s a good bet you’ll find many of them got their start in the customer service department.

Becoming a Legal Secretary: No Law Degree Required

Legal Secretary career training

You don’t have to go to law school to work in a law office. You don’t even need paralegal training. Lawyers and paralegals might get all the glory, but it’s often the hardworking legal secretaries working behind the scenes that make their work possible.

Oklahoma HR Career Outlook: There's No Sugar-Coating It, It's Tough

Oklahoma City skyline

Let’s start with the bad news: Those looking for human resources jobs in Oklahoma in the next few years won’t have an easy time of it. The number of professional HR positions in Oklahoma is expected to decrease by 7 percent between now and 2018 (But to put this in context, at least that's slower than the expected national decline).

So You Think You Want to Work in HR – Where to Start

HR,human resources

If you’re thinking about a career in human resources, you’ve made a great choice! One of the great things about human resources skills is how much they are in demand. Pretty much every company has someone whose duties include hiring, paying, managing benefits for, and communicating with the people who work there. Sometimes this is someone’s full-time job (or the job of an entire department) and sometimes it is only part of someone’s job, but either way, employers will always be looking for people with human resources skills.

The Best HR Schools in Oklahoma: Degrees vs. Career Training

HR,human resources,HR assistant,degree

So you’ve decided you want to work in HR (human resources). What now? Companies will always need human resources professionals, but the competition for entry-level human resources jobs can be quite fierce. Applicants with formal training—and a certificate or degree to back it up—often have a leg up over those who have just a high school diploma.

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